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Accreditation Steering Committee

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Accreditation Steering Committee
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Accreditation Steering Committee (ASC)
Charter - 5/10/2011

Monitor the preparation and completion of the self evaluation report to the ACCJC.
Provide and ensure internal and external communications on current college accreditation status.
Establish the membership and organization of the working standard committees.
Create a work-plan and timeline for completion of self-evaluation report.
Recommend to the college President on an annual basis appropriate reassigned time for the Faculty Chair or Co Chairs of Accreditation based on the level of response required by the ACCJC.

This Steering Committee will be composed of the following voting members (14):

College President - Dr. Monte E. Perez
Faculty Co-Chairs of Accreditation (2) - Patricia Flood, Angela Echeverri
Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO) - Vice President of Administrative Services - Daniel Villanueva
Vice President of Student Services - Joe Ramirez
Vice President of Academic Affairs - Michael Allen
Academic Senate President or designee - Madelline Hernandez (Steering Committee Co-Chair)
Academic Teamsters 911 - Cathy Brinkman
Staff Bargaining Unit: Supervisors & Managers - Zoila Rodriguez Doucette
Department Chair as appointed by COI - Leslie Milke
AFT Staff Chapter Chair or designee - Monica Moreno
ASO President or designee - Michael Griggs
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness - Sarah Master

The ALO will serve as Co-Chair of the committee and a faculty co-chair to be voted on by the committee.  The term of office shall run through the acceptance of the 2016 midterm report.
The Accreditation Steering Committee is sanctioned and is a standing committee of College Council.  It is authorized to form task forces to accomplish specific objectives.








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