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2001 Accreditation

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2001 Los Angeles Mission College Self-Study Timeline

October and November 1999 Committees meet to learn about assessment, to assign work, timelines, and schedule meetings for the accreditation process.
Fall 1999 and Spring 2000 Standard committee meetings held on a regular basis.
January 6, 2000 Joint workshop of the MCPP and representatives of all the standards from the three colleges is held.
February 2000 Preliminary drafts of descriptive summaries are completed.
Early Spring 2000 Questions for the matrix are developed and presented to district.
End of spring 2000 Preliminary drafts of evaluations are completed.
Summer 2000 Draft of self-study is compiled.
July 13, 2000 MCPP meets with WASC to present the status of the self studies. The Chancellor announces that LACCD will develop its own self-study as reference for the colleges’ self studies.
August 31, 2000 First draft of LACCD self-study is received.
August 2000 Preliminary plans are developed.
September 16, 2000 Second draft of LACCD self-study is received.
Early October 2000 Final drafts of self study and plans are completed.
November 3, 2000 Steering committee finds that the college is compliant with all requirements of continued eligibility for accreditation.
November and December Committees approved final drafts and self-study circulated on-campus for discussion and updates.
December 6, 2000 Self study is presented to members of the Board of Trustees in the Accreditation and Planning Committee meeting.
December Graphic layout of self-study is completed.
December 8, 2000 Steering committee discusses and approves the response to the previous recommendations.
January 16, 2001 Final version is mailed to team & ACCJC 45 days before visit.
March 19-22, 2001 Accreditation team visit occurs.